Saturday, August 24, 2019

Experimental modified Cyber Goth mask Day #4 Part 2

Finished project for Event at Crucible, just in time before the event started.
Saturday August 17, 2019.
^^Left side^^
^^Right Side^^
Completed Project

The last thing to do with is come up with a way to stop the mask from pinching my nose area and make it a little more comfortable to wear.
It was a little uncomfortable wearing it while at the event, took many breaks to let my face cool off.

Experimental modified Cyber Goth mask Day #4 Part 1

Some time past by since my last post a week has past and the event was a blast at the Crucible.
Nearing completion of the Cyber Goth mask.
Saturday August 17, 2019. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Experimental modified Cyber Goth mask Day #3

Starting to look more like a Cyber Goth mask.
All is left is to add a few more embellishments to it.

More to come as it is nearing finishing the project for a event that is coming up this Saturday August 17, 2019 at Crucible Nightclub for a themed night.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Experimental modified Cyber Goth mask Day #2

Another nice day to layout, test fit, and paint pieces.

PVC is not to paint friendly after finding out later.
After adding spray primer, black paint, and paint sealer it took roughly two days to achieve a nice looking Cyber Goth mask.  

Sample testing of finished project.
More to come as it is made and altered...

Experimental modified Cyber Goth mask Day #1

A very nice day to reach into my creative artistic side. 

A small experimental test of setting the pieces and layout.
The next step is a mask that is made from a suitable material or altered from a respirator.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Luna Moth Finding

A little early for finding a Luna Moth on a wall at work today.

Not a good at flying when I borrowed him for a picture..

Monday, April 22, 2019

The Crystal Tower 2.0

An upgraded version of 1.0

After my last post a few weeks later and spending time at a few hardware stores and buying copper reducers, taking along a few crystal wands to size fit the copper of finding what was needed to make the crystal tower.

Taking the time to solder the crystal tower together on a very nice sunny warm day.

Coming soon The Crystal Tower 2.0

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Researching into the unknown part Four

The completion and final result for a quantum crystal generator transmitter tower. 

Phase Four:
 Ready for take off...

The last crystal that was added a double terminated tesla wire wrapped rose quartz wand.

It looks more like an odd spaceship or a tesla tower that I use to draw from looking at clouds long ago while growing up. 

To be continued at a later time when I can take it outside for a real test run with warmer weather, but for the moment it sits by the patio door pointed outwards to the sky... 

Spring is here in Wisconsin and I heard a few robins chirping away and seen a few Saturday 
mid-morning; welcome Brigit the bringer of light and of new beginnings.  

I do plan to make another one sometime though, perhaps a second generation of adding different crystals and more tweaking of the wire carriage or base to hold crystals better in place. 

Until the next time 1.0 The upgraded crystal tower..

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Researching into the unknown part Three

The last step to finishing this project of phase three.

Thus so far what I found out to this interesting delightful project is that is a crystal quantum generator of somesort.

The crystal list if you decide to make it
1 Laser quartz medium(Center piece)
1 Selenite wand (Right side)
1 Shungite wand (Left side)
1 Clear Calcite or Iceland Spar (on the bottom)
1 Yellow calcite (layered or stacked above the clear calcite)
2 Triskelion symbols made from tesla wire.

The pendulum energy test resulted very high energy, so I put it by the porch window door for a test run until the third crystal finds me to add to it. 

Monday, February 25, 2019

Researching into the unknown part Two

Phase Two
After many hours of wire wrapping and soldering a Triskelion on the bottom it is slowly coming together.  

Phase three is on its way soon by adding three more tesla wire wrapped crystals and little touch up here and there and a final test run with a pendulum.

Its starting to look like something like from Dr. Evermore creations with a pinch of Nikola Tesla.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Researching into the unknown the begging of a new project part One

An experimental somewhat open architecture crystal energy generator.
Its starts with an idea that kept me up most of the night from Thursday.

"An idea is like a planted virus, it grows, it spreads throughout the mind, and the body shall not rest till the idea is brought forth from the void of the universe and brought into the physical realm." 

^^A somewhat twisted quote from the movie Inception.^^ 

The carriage or base is made from copper wire and then shaped and soldered together to hold the one crystal in the center.

I have that feeling that there is going to be more added to this interesting project ahead just a small part for phase one.

Working with copper wire and soldering it together with silver solder is an artform of a mixture of Alchemy and mindfulness. 

Monday, February 4, 2019

February 2nd Leather and Lace Night

Saturday Night at the club was fun and interesting at the same time; 
For one, I found a video on youtube that I saved long time ago.
(**Note that this is not my video and the music is awesome to dance to. I would like to know who the music artist or song that it came from though.**)

The cool thing that happened is when I started to incorporate a few moves from the video, I drew in more people that were almost on the same vibrational frequency as the universe was and channeled the energy through me from the universe, talk about coolness. 
I did feel the energy of portals opening...